Kai Bäckström

Enough with the bullshit. We all want to be confident, convincing and inspiring on stage, but really, it boils down to being yourself, having a clear message and commiting to it. If you’re able to be true to yourself while staying in touch with your audience, you’ll have it all. The good news is, that all these traits can be learnt. As an added bonus, you might start to enjoy standing on stage. 

I graduated with a M.Sc in Economics in 2007 (major in management and organisation), and a M.A (Acting) in 2012. When coaching, I aim to combine the best of both worlds. That means letting go, embracing the moment and finding direction, then taking it all back to the business end for open and effective communication.  

My course Meet the stage - Public Speaking and Interaction Skills is in the Master’s program in the Helsinki School of Economics (Aalto University). In the fall of 2018 I’m one of two main coaches in Slush’s side event, the Talk The Talk-competition . 

Let’s give the audience the best of you! 

This was the best course of all time of all my university studies. The course taught me to think communication strategically and enhanced a lot my presentation and interaction skills. Kai is an amazing teacher and I am still amazed how much he was able to teach us in five weeks.
This course was absolutely amazing. The best course in presentation skills so far. We used variety of methods and really got out of our comfort zones. The way you present and interact are the key take aways for any business manager and this is also essential in professional development and success in the future.
One of the best courses I have ever taken, the learning curve in this course was exponential. Probably the course with the most unusual, but also single best structure I have ever participated that is totally suited towards achieving what it is supposed to do.
Kai is an excellent choice to teach this matter, as he himself has gone through business education so he understands the fundamentals of our needs of public speaking skills as a business student. 5/5 absolutely!
Talk the Talk @Musiikkitalo, Helsinki 2018. Photo: Tapio Auvinen

Talk the Talk @Musiikkitalo, Helsinki 2018. Photo: Tapio Auvinen